Currency Cannon – 2012-2014

2 metres long. A final solution to the banking problem, return the money to the banks at high velocity. Slab built ceramic was used to make cannon. It was built in sections to fit into the kiln, these were then glued and pinned together with bronze rods. The axles ended up being wooden rolling pins from the studio (I miss them) and the cannon balls are hollow plastic spheres found on the web. The decorative balls on the cannon itself are wood, the centre axle stainless steel, and the eye is a glass marble. The whole thing was painted in gold acrylic and then covered with gold wax and polished. Two years of sheer fun.

  • More bang for your buck!
  • 2012 – 2014  Ceramic structure with stainless steel, bronze, wood, resin and one glass marble.
  • 2m x 80cm x 70cm